A celebration in the Library

A special celebration of Indigenous history, languages and culture is on at the Sir Louis Matheson Library, Clayton Campus.

Indigenous Voices is proudly presented by Monash Library through three remarkable forms: art, print and digital.

Indigenous Rights: Protest in Print is a Special Collections exhibition showcasing the history and creativity of Indigenous communities in print.

Launched recently by Professor Jacinta Elston, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous), Protest in Print will run until June 2019.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a long history of resisting colonialism, fighting for their rights, and protesting injustice. These voices of protest have always been imaginative and resourceful, combining Federal advocacy with regional leadership, and engaging in direct action, community programs, consultation, and promoting cultural diversity.

Also on show at Matheson is a digital exhibition celebrating research and education activities undertaken by the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre as part of the Monash Country Lines Archive (MCLA), a collection of Indigenous stories and languages.

The Monash Country Lines Archive (MCLA) project team began in 2011 to work in partnership with Indigenous Australian communities in their language preservation.  This exhibition, displayed on the digital wall at Matheson, brings to life Indigenous stories and languages using 3D animations that record the past, preserve the present, and protect Indigenous languages and knowledge into the future.

The MCLA is made possible through the generous support of the Alan and Elizabeth Finkel Foundation and the Telematics Trust.

The Kulata Tjuta (2012-2014 ), the art installation above the atrium at Matheson, was acquired especially for the Library as part of the recent refurbishment. The title translates to ‘spears in flight’, and the work comprises 277 hand-carved spears made by a group of Amata men in South Australia working with Jonathan Jones, a Wiradjuri/Kamilaroi artist based in Sydney.

Singer/songwriter Benny Walker performed at the triple launch event.

Indigenous Voices is a collaboration involving the Library, Monash Country Lines Archive, Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, Monash University Museum of Art, and State Library of Victoria.

Visit the website for more information.