How your feedback improved the design

The Library is currently undergoing transformation to ensure Library services – both physical and digital – will be more accessible to better support users (that’s you!).

Part of the transformation is a project to redevelop the Library website where users’ needs are a top priority.  

During the project, the Library sought user feedback about needs and difficulties experienced when accessing Library services. Consequently, the first stage of the website redevelopment will launch on the week commencing 27 September including two key improvements. 


A simplified homepage

User feedback clarified what users’ main goals/tasks are when visiting the Library and indicated that the current homepage is hard to navigate. The new redesign is simpler, with less clutter, and top tasks are clearly accessible.

Wanting to know when we are open, or looking for a study space? This information is now easier and quicker to find.


A new menu and website structure

The top menu will be renamed and reorganized, with changes in language and terminology, and the addition of links to more user top tasks.

No more hunting for the Citing and Referencing Guide! 

Wanting unit-specific resources? No problems, just check out our Subject Resources section.


Just the beginning

These improvements are the result of twelve months of extensive user research with students and staff. The Library is grateful for the time, valuable insights and feedback which has paved the pathway to improve the website.

And this is just the beginning! We’re continuing to develop the website and make improvements. 

We are excited to share these improvements with you when we go live with the new website in the week commencing 27th September.