Would you like take part in a baking competition?

Do chocolate drop cookies, vegan fruit damper, or wet shoe fly pie take your fancy?

To celebrate the role of libraries in preserving recipes for historic delicacies, Monash has been challenged to a Bake Off … and knowing Team Monash is behind us, we responded with ‘Challenge accepted.’ 

Monash and Penn State are engaging each other in a friendly competition where institutional pride is at stake. The university with the most entries wins the Bake Off!

The competition starts on 20 July and closes on 24 July,2020.

Access the recipes, and see the videos created by our “resident” bakers, Isabel (Monash) and Marissa (Penn State).

Choose a recipe and get baking, and then post your video or photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the required hashtags, and keep an eye on what else has been posted. Visit the website for more information.

So come on, Team Monash! Let’s go for the win!