Have you ever had a doubt as to when or how to reference an author? Do you find paraphrasing a tricky area of your assessment writing? Do you ever look at your research notes and wonder which part is your contribution and which ideas come directly from someone else?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone! Many university students can be unsure about these things, which are all covered by the term ‘academic integrity’.

Academic integrity refers to your responsibility to conduct your university studies in an ethical manner. Common issues that arise for students in this area include plagiarism, collusion and sometimes even contract cheating.

Plagiarism can occur when students use ideas from other sources in their assessment tasks without acknowledging them correctly, or at all. Building up your skills in citing and referencing is essential to preventing this from occurring.

Another area of importance here is your reading and note-taking skills. As you research your assessments, and explore the ideas of other writers in your field, you can take steps to ensure your writing will clearly set your own opinions and thoughts apart from those of others.

Unfortunately, being unaware of your responsibilities regarding academic integrity is not an excuse – it is up to you to make sure you understand what is required of you. We can help you to remove those doubts from your mind, and set you on the right track.

To get to grips with this important aspect of your study, the Library has developed three short modules you can work through at your own pace, anytime, any place.

So, in less than one hour of your time, you can gain a solid understanding of academic integrity that will set you up with good habits for the rest of your degree. Having this knowledge will help you not only throughout your studies but throughout your professional life as well.

If you have any questions after you have completed these modules, or a specific question about an assessment task, come along to one of our daily online drop-ins and we can help you out.


Author Sophie Wright is a Subject Librarian at the Hargrave-Andrew Library.