Have you baked more sourdough and banana bread than you can possibly eat? Are you hurting from your newly found determination to exercise and can’t move your arms? Have you run through all your games and are struggling to keep yourself (the kids, partners, housemates) entertained during these days of isolation? 

We may have a solution! Why not take a break and explore the beautiful images within our Special Collections…through jigsaw puzzles! 

The  jigsaw puzzles are made from Special Collections’ images digitised in Monash Collections Online. These images represent only a fraction of the varied collections we have available to researchers and the wider community. Choose a character and recreate their stories as you do the jigsaw, or travel vicariously by immersing yourself in the world of Gulliver’s Travels or taking a tour around Australia.


Special Collections are full of many delightful characters, each with their own story. Whether they feature in the adventures of Frank Reade with his amazing inventions, or frozen in a moment of time in a hand-tinted Japanese photograph, documenting history and politics in a Russian poster, or making us all laugh (maybe cringe?) in a series of saucy, and once banned, Seaside postcards

These are some puzzles you can really have some fun with!

Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift since his death has been celebrated for his genius as a writer. Many of us know and love his story of Gulliver’s Travels and his A Modest Proposal, which is quoted in everything from A Handmaid’s Tale to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. 

Special Collection houses one of the world’s finest Jonathan Swift collections, which includes a significant number of first or early editions of Swift’s works, including Gulliver’s Travels and A Tale of a Tub, as well as some manuscripts and personal correspondence. The Library is actively digitising material from this collection.

Want to learn more about Jonathan Swift? In 2017, on the 350th anniversary of his birth, the Library paid tribute to Swift with an online exhibition.


The history and texture of Australian life forms a significant part of Special Collections. It particularly features in our ephemera collections – the printed, common-place material created for a variety of purposes in everyday life and then generally disposed of. Some examples are postcards, advertising pamphlets, tickets, voting flyers etc.