Welcome back to uni. We have some news for you regarding some changes in the Library.

Opening hours

The trial of longer evening hours during semester at Peninsula Library last year was a great success and the library will now close at 9pm during the week permanently. To follow up, this semester at Peninsula we will trial opening the library on weekends from 12pm to 5pm (instead of 1pm to 5pm).

New home page

Check out the Library’s new home page which will make it easier for you to find Library resources you need through Search and to know when the libraries are open.


Digital newspapers editions (which are replicas of their print editions) are now available to all Monash staff and students as Fairfax Media Library Edition in  Search.

Study break cards to continue, after positive response

If you’re studying in Caulfield or Matheson Library and need to take a break, use a study break card and write down the time you left for your break. Leave the card on top of your belongings on the desk. Remember to take your valuable stuff with you. If you return within 30 minutes, you get to keep the desk otherwise, someone else is allowed to carefully move your belongings aside and use the desk.

New study spaces and access

  • At Caulfield, the addition of 200 seats in 2019 has taken the total number of seats there to 1,700, which are all in almost constant use during semester and exams.
  • At Pharmacy Library, the teaching room has been fitted with powered group study tables, in addition to quiet study area carrels.
  • At the Law Library, a refurbishment of the North West corner of level one has resulted in an increase in seats and power points and a more comfortable area for study.

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We wish you success in your studies this semester and look forward to seeing you again at the Library.