Masters students involved in the Creative Directions Festival exhibited their work at Caulfield Library last week.

Run by the School of Media, Film and Journalism, the Creative Directions Festival explored critical issues shaping the contemporary media, cultural and communications industries. This year’s theme of “break up” examined the impacts and potential futures of today’s media.

The Library session zeroed in on the way new media has removed many of the traditional costs and barriers to media work, but introduced plenty of new ones, especially for recent graduates. It explored the opportunities and obstacles that emerging makers face carving out careers in the contemporary media environment. What informal pathways are there if traditional media is not for you? How do you create support for inclusive media when divisive content gets the most hits?

Local creative producers and international digital media experts shared advice and insights into the dynamics of youth creative employment and making media that matters.

As part of the program, a Student Showcase was held at Caulfield Library. Students in Strategic Communications in a Digital Era produced posters and infographics investigating communications initiatives around complex ethical debates about contemporary strategic communications.

This display was combined with work from students in Cultural Economy and Sustainable Development, which looked at how global indigenous communities are infusing culture in the economy to achieve sustainable development. Students studying Media Empires & Entrepreneurs delved into the histories of some of today’s big media companies presenting their findings as visually engaging timelines.


Writer Tim Alves is a Learning Skills Adviser at Caulfield Library.