We’re implementing the study break cards as a trial throughout this semester to promote fairer use of the study spaces at Caulfield and Matheson libraries.

Here’s how they work:

  • Study break cards should be used all the time.

Use of the study break cards is not optional. You should use a card every time you take a break, regardless of how long you think you’ll be away from the desk. Not using a card does not exempt you from the ‘rules’ under this trial.

  • The ‘rules’ are quite simple and students implement these rules themselves.

Rule #1: Without a study break card, an unattended desk can be used immediately by another student (unattended items will be moved aside).

Rule #2: With a study break card, an unattended desk can be used by another student after 30 minutes (unattended items will be moved aside).

So, don’t risk losing your desk when you take a study break. Make sure you use a study break card every time, and return within 30 minutes.

Need a desk?

  • You can respectfully move unattended items to one side and occupy an unattended desk – see rules above.
  • If someone comes back to a desk they left and doesn’t know about the rules, refer them to the Information Point.

We’re working with the Monash Student Association and MONSU Caulfield as well as with Campus Security to implement this trial.