Want to get the best marks for your assignments? Worried you might not know how to write an academic essay or a lab report? We can help.

The Research and Learning Online (RLO) website provides you with online tutorials, quick study guides, and other relevant content created by our learning skills advisers and librarians to develop your study skills.

RLO now has a dedicated Search box to make it easier to find content within the site.



Designed to help you keep on top of your studies, RLO has a range of useful content:

  • effective study strategies including note taking in lectures, reading critically, and preparing for exams
  • brainstorming for assignments
  • critical thinking
  • academic integrity
  • citing and referencing
  • writing in subject areas
  • graduate research and writing

Don’t forget that if you have any questions about your assignment or need expert advice, our learning skills advisers and librarians are available at our drop-in sessions.