Did you know that the Library provides online access to the full set of Victorian Topographical Maps?

The Vicmap topographic maps series database can be accessed via our Search discovery tool and using your Monash login, the maps can be downloaded or printed in PDF form, in a number of different scales.



The pdf maps in this Vicmap topographic series display natural and constructed features on the ground including contours, rivers, streams, waterfalls, lakes, vegetation, roads, cliffs, walking tracks, localities, park boundaries, shipwrecks and more.

The link takes you to the selection page, where you can access the index and identify the map number you need.  Then select the collection and scale you want, and navigate to your map.

Please see the Maps Collection Library Guide for more information on Maps & Spatial Data resources available at Monash University Library.

Contact your Subject Librarian with any enquiries.  jennifer.kain@monash.edu