The Library is where it is at – #Libraryit.

We can be a useful contact for you in many ways. Find out which library has the best resources for you in the course you’re doing. The libraries offer spaces designed for you to study and to collaborate with others, in addition to offering many online programs and workshops to enable you to study more effectively and be successful in your research and learning.

The Library is the place to go before, after or in-between your classes. Students who use the Library get great results – 74% of them achieve a distinction average or better in their results *.

Check out these 5 tips!

1. Visit our Library Orientation page.

Find out how you can get a head start on your studies. Go on a tour, or attend an introductory class – check the ePlanner for activities over the first couple of weeks. We hope you met us at Wominjeka – but if not, check us out anyway.

2. Do the essential Academic integrity online tutorial.

It will help you ensure you are doing the right thing when you cite sources in an assignment.

3. Keep the Library conducive for study.

It’s a shared space, so it’s fair to everybody that we keep messy or smelly food out. Drinks with lid are allowed.

4. Use a study break card to study smarter and share study spaces fairly.

If you’re studying in Caulfield or Matheson Library and need to take a break, use a study break card and write down the time you left for your break. Leave the card on top of your belongings on the desk. Remember to take your valuable stuff with you.

5. Check Research and Learning Online for tips and study information.

Having the right skills and strategies for study, assignments, exams and research is crucial to your success at university. Our wide range of resources will help you achieve your goals.

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*2017 Library User Survey