Researching a new business market, a company, or a particular industry are tasks most business students will face at some point in their studies. Trying to find this information on the web can be tricky – much of what is out there is of dubious quality and the good stuff is often behind paywalls. Thankfully, the Library has taken much of the hard work out of sourcing this information by providing access to a number of specialist databases.

Why you should use Marketline

Of the many databases students have access to, we often recommend MarketLine Advantage as a great starting point for researching companies, markets and industries, especially if that research is international in scope. MarketLine Advantage provides access to 4000 industry profiles, 30,000+ company profiles, and covers 215 countries.

It is used in the business world and provides students with a chance to build their work skills and become familiar with the types of tools they will be using when they enter the workforce.

Some of the things you can find in this resource include:

  • Industry profiles, which include Porter’s Five Forces analysis
  • Company profiles including SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analyses, company financials, and the ability to benchmark against other companies
  • Country reports analysing the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PESTLE) situation in 50 major countries
  • A Databases option, where various types of customised data, such as country statistics and fast moving consumer goods market analytics, can be generated from the data sets in MarketLine Advantage.

While the company, country and industry reports make up the bulk of MarketLine Advantage, the database also provides theme and analysis reports which examine specific topics and case studies in detail. Theme reports examine key trends or the outlook for certain industries, while case studies highlight best practice across a variety of industries, and cover examples of innovation such as social media initiatives, unusual store formats and online retailing.

MarketLine Advantage and other company, industry and market information can be accessed via the Library’s databases page or the Companies and Industries Library Guide.


Writer Blair Gatehouse is the Subject Librarian for Marketing and Information Technology.