As you set out to do well at uni this semester, bear in mind that taking regular study breaks is one of the proven tricks for effective study – whether you’re powering through your readings, researching and writing for assignments, or revising for a test.

So, to encourage you to do that, the Library is introducing study break cards.

Take a nourishment break and get some good healthy food – there’s lots of great choices inside and outside the Library. Get some fresh air. Catch up with a friend over coffee and have a real conversation. Go for a quick run or walk around campus or work out at Monash Sport. A break will allow your brain to rest and be ready to do more thinking and absorb more information.

If you’re studying in the Library and need to take a break, use a study break card and write down the time you left for your break. Leave the card on top of your belongings on the desk. Remember to take your valuable stuff with you.

Fill in the card even if you think you can make it back within 30 minutes. If you take longer, another student can move your belongings carefully to one side and use the desk.

The Library is trialling these cards at Matheson and Caulfield libraries this semester and we’re working with the Monash Student Association (MSA), MONSU Caulfield and Monash Postgraduate Association. We hope to promote healthy study habits while also making access to study spaces fairer.

You can get a study break card at key pick-up points in these two libraries (we’ve spread them around so you’ll find them easily). There is also a dedicated green recycling dropbox near the library entrance/exit where you can drop your used cards.

Use a study break card to study smarter and share study spaces fairly.