Cabells Scholarly Analytics is a subscription database available to all Monash staff and students, that aims to help researchers search, filter and compare journals when making decisions about where to publish their work.

Cabells offers two curated, searchable lists – a Whitelist of reputable journals, and a Blacklist of deceptive or questionable journals.

The Whitelist

The Whitelist contains details of more than 11000 reputable journals and has strengths in the social and physical sciences.  The Whitelist can be searched a number of ways including by publisher, discipline or topic.

A key feature of the Whitelist is the information not easily found elsewhere, such as the acceptance rate of the journal, the type of peer review and number of reviewers, the time to peer review and time to publication.

The Blacklist

A newer addition to Cabells is the Blacklist which covers all disciplines, and lists journals that should be avoided due to their deceptive publishing practices. Cabells have now assessed and included more than 10000 journals in the Blacklist,  which can be searched by keyword, publisher, Open Access, or ISSN.

Deceptive journals exist primarily for profit, and their poor standards provide an avenue for the dissemination of unreliable findings and pseudoscience. This adulterates the scholarly literature, obscuring quality research and hindering the advancement and application of new knowledge.

Deceptive journals commonly make false claims that dupe legitimate researchers into submitting their papers. Authors may then be subject to hidden or previously undisclosed terms, conditions or fees.

Cabells utilises 65 criteria for determining whether a journal is deceptive. The Blacklist lists any specific violations for each journal.

Cabells is not a one-stop-shop, and should be used in conjunction with other tools. For example DOAJ functions as a Whitelist for Open Access journals, and your faculty or department may have developed their own Whitelist of recommended titles.

Resources such as Think.Check.Submit offer practical tips for choosing the right journal for your research and for determining whether a journal is trustworthy.

You could also try the Library’s Research Impact and Publishing guide for further techniques to assess journal quality.

The Library currently runs sessions on strategic publishing for graduate students. If you wish to arrange a session for your department please contact your Subject Librarian.

Authors Penny Presta and Anne Young , Subject Librarians: Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, are located at the Hargrave-Andrew Library.