The Library provides access to over 1.6 million databases, e-journals and e-books for our staff and students. We commonly refer to these things as electronic resources, or e-resources for short. Think of it as an umbrella term for online materials the Library subscribes to on behalf of the University.

There are different ways to access these e-resources. You may have your own preferences and, sometimes, the different ways to access e-resources present some barriers. Sometimes, you may hit a paywall. Don’t pay to get full-text access, chances are we’ve already got them.

Here are some tips and tools to improve your access experience:

  • Set up the Monash EZproxy bookmarklet 

When you do an Internet search, the bookmarklet will automatically link your search results to the Library’s subscriptions. You can then access the text in full – just make sure you’ve logged in to your Monash account. View the instructions to set up the bookmarklet.

  • Set up ‘Check for full text’  

‘Check for full text’ is a highly recommended setting if you use Google Scholar. Follow the instructions to set up your Google Scholar preferences.

  • Extra tips 
    • Wherever you’re searching (Google Scholar, favourite or bookmarked databases or journals, or Library Search), use your Monash account to access e-resources subscribed to by the Library.
    • You can make Library Search or the databases guide your starting point to search for these e-resources.
    • You can read ebooks online, print or download. Just remember to check for conditions by publishers.
    • Use Monash supported browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Some functionality may not be available when using other browsers.

All the information and instructions to access e-resources are available on the Access Electronic Resources Library guide. Remember, if you’re stuck or have problems accessing e-resources, we’re here to help.

  • In person: Ask at a service point at any library
  • Check frequently asked questions or submit a question
  • Telephone: Call the Library on 03 9905 5054