Two new online resources can assist students and researchers across Architecture, Civil Engineering, and related disciplines – the GreenBook, and Footprint Calculator.

Environmentally-conscious, sustainable architecture and construction is becoming an increasing priority around the world, and in Australia – including at Monash. With standards such as Green Star rating and Passive House certification proliferating in reach and influence, the ability to make evidence-based decisions around design is paramount.

Footprint Calculator focuses on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) calculations, with consideration to low-carbon design. Sophisticated modelling allows users to analyse individual aspects of a design (e.g. proposed façade), and assess its impact on the whole-of-life Footprint of the construction across areas such as carbon, water, materials, transport, and ecological impact. With the Sustainability Agenda becoming an increasingly important consideration when designing, Footprint Calculator can be utilised to set the  environmental scope of a project from the early stages of the process.

GreenBook can be utilised when determining which materials to use for construction, with the user able to check a material’s claims against real-world data. Containing Embodied Carbon and Ecological Footprint costs for all materials, as well as Carbon Performance Benchmarks, GreenBook data is updated twice yearly, ensuring the design and construction of buildings can meet sustainable certifications and star ratings now, into the future, and with considerations to project budget.

As well as assisting with design and material choices, both resources can also serve as a quantifying tool – with users able to detail how much carbon has been able to be reduced through the use of certain materials.

If you’re researching areas such as sustainable design, planning, architecture, engineering, or construction, be sure to make use of the Footprint Calculator and GreenBook!

Authors Romney Adams (Subject Librarian: Engineering, Science) and Romany Manuell (Subject Librarian: Art, Design, and Architecture (MADA) can be contacted if you have any queries.