To help students find a quiet study opportunity as final assignments fall due and exam preparation intensifies, the Library offers extra study times from Week 11, as follows:

Caulfield Library

  • Open 8am to 12 midnight every day, including weekends beginning 1 June until 23 June
  • 1635 seats

Sir Louis Matheson Library (Clayton)

  • Open 8am until 2am Mon-Thurs, until 23 June;
  • Open 8am to 9pm on Friday, and 9am – 9pm weekends
  • 1915 spaces

Hargrave-Andrew Library (Clayton)

  • Open 8am until 10pm Mon-Fri
  • Open 10am until 5pm on weekends
  • 1244 spaces

Law Library (Clayton)

  • Open 8am until 9pm Mon-Fri
  • Open 10am until 5pm on weekends
  • 811 spaces

If you need to use a computer, the Library has a new Computer availability page that will help you discover which library and which level is best for finding a free computer.

Additional study spaces are also available at our other campus libraries. These include:
Peninsula Library (562 spaces)
CL Butchers Pharmacy Library at Parkville (212 spaces)

The conducive and comfortable study spaces in our libraries have made them a favourite of many students. Sometimes this means you may not be able to find anywhere to sit in the library, even though the staff are squeezing in extra seats wherever we can. The University’s Study Spaces page is definitely the place to look for other alternative spaces if you can’t find a library seat.