We hope your semester is going really well and by now you will be fully into the swing of things with assignments due very soon.

Did you know that marks given for doing your reference list, citations and footnotes correctly are some of the easiest marks to get?  It’s true, but they are also some of the easiest marks to lose!

Now before we go further into it, some of you might be new to citing and referencing and wondering why you need to do it, or why it’s so important.  If you’re willing to invest 45 minutes into completing these training modules, you’ll be ready to tackle the subject head on. We made it just for you!

For others, paying attention to the details of exactly where to put the full stop and the comma, and what to italicise can seem boring, but if you think of it as applying a simple formula to a problem, and set yourself the challenge of getting it right, it can become like solving a puzzle!

The most important thing of all when you’re putting together this part of your assessment is consistency, consistency, consistency.  Did I say consistency?  So make sure that the same style (such as APA) is applied throughout your assignment.

Now you may be thinking, “But how do I do this?”  All you need to do is follow the examples in the Monash Citing and Referencing library guide.  In there you will find a drop-down menu for each style with detailed examples of every kind of source you could wish to cite or reference.

Do you have a source type not listed in the guide or have any more questions?  Come and see us.  We’re here to help, even if you just want someone to look over your work and check that you’ve nailed it.  We can do that.  For the answers to all of these questions, talk to a Librarian or Learning Skills Adviser at one of our drop-in sessions, or ask us a question online at ask.monash

Remember, these are easy marks to get.  They’re yours for the taking.

Writer Sophie Wright is a Librarian at Hargrave-Andrew Library.