Those of you studying or researching with the Faculties of Engineering and IT should already be familiar with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and their database, IEEE Xplore – which allows users access to IEEE journals, books, conference proceedings, and standards.

Romney Adams, Subject Librarian for Engineering and Science, is pleased to share with you an exciting new Library acquisition. In a new development, IEEE have partnered with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, to create the SMPTE Digital Library!

SMPTE are responsible for formalising the development and practice of a number of advances associated with motion picture and television engineering, from audio-visual sync (the first ‘talkies’), the development of colour television, through to UltraHD (4K and 8K) television. Its Digital Library is full of information for those researching technologies connected with the communications, media, and entertainment industries – such as digital cinema, display, file and image formats, projection, recording, and more.

Like IEEE Xplore, SMPTE Digital Library contains journal articles (including the peer-reviewed SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal), proceedings from a range of SMPTE Conferences, and over 1,000 SMPTE Standards – including the ubiquitous Color Bars Television Test Patterns, and SMPTE Time Code. In addition to this, SMPTE Digital Library also contains recommended practices, and engineering guidelines, dating back as far as 1916.

SMPTE Digital Library is accessible online using your Monash login and also from the Library’s Databases A-Z menu. If you have queries about using this or other Engineering databases and resources,  please contact Romney Adams, Subject Librarian for Engineering and Science.